Chief Credit Officer at Equivico

Dennis Carlson, with his profound expertise and 25 years of experience in credit risk management, data science, and analytics, joined Equivico as the Chief Credit Officer, following a significant three-year collaboration. His role is pivotal in steering Equivico towards its mission of empowering historically excluded populations through impact investment.

Prior to his current role, Dennis served as the Chief Risk Officer at Credibility Capital, where he led the development of robust quantitative risk modeling and underwriting operations. His leadership was instrumental in achieving strong, above-market credit performance for this online lending platform focused on low-cost financing solutions.

His extensive career also includes a pivotal role at Verizon as Director of Consumer and Small Business Credit. In this capacity, Dennis oversaw the company’s substantial smartphone finance portfolio, managing credit risk for nearly 25 million new loans annually, amounting to an impressive $24 billion. This experience underlines his exceptional ability in handling large-scale credit operations and risk assessment.

Earlier in his career, Dennis contributed significantly as Deputy Chief Economist at Equifax. In this influential role, he was responsible for advising senior management on critical economic insights, shaping the company’s strategic direction with a broad economic perspective. Dennis also distinguished himself as a thought leader, speaking at numerous conferences to audiences of hundreds, where he shared his expertise on economic trends and their impact on various sectors. His ability to articulate complex economic concepts made him a sought-after figure for C-suite customer meetings, where he discussed economic trends and their implications for business strategies. Additionally, Dennis’s insights and analyses were featured in prestigious publications like the Wall Street Journal and on platforms such as MSNBC, further establishing him as a respected voice in the field. Concurrently, at First Data Merchant Services, he was instrumental in developing innovative statistical and analytical products, catering to the diverse needs of First Data’s customers.

Dennis’s career began at American Express in the role of Director of Quantitative Analytics and Modeling. There, he was responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining over 100 predictive customer response and affinity models, showcasing his deep analytical skills and understanding of consumer behavior.

Academically, Dennis excelled as Valedictorian from the University of Florida, earning a B.S. in Mathematics and Statistics. He furthered his education with post-graduate studies at Cornell University, cementing his expertise in his field.

At Equivico, Dennis’s blend of strategic vision and technical expertise is crucial in driving the company’s goals of financial inclusivity and social impact. His leadership and innovative approach to credit risk management play a key role in ensuring that Equivico’s investments not only yield financial returns but also make a meaningful difference in the communities they serve.