Kosta Karantzoulis


As a Senior Advisor for Equivico’s Capital Markets and Strategic Initiatives, his primary focus is on the company’s overall strategy, industry relations, and investment opportunities.  Kosta is also involved in developing strategic partner relationships and several other company-wide initiatives.

Kosta has more than 20 years of experience in investment banking, structured finance, and business development, working in the Global Securitization Products Group at Citigroup Global Markets for many years and at RBC Capital Markets prior to that.  In his various roles, he was responsible for originating, financing, structuring and distributing new issue securitizations and warehouse lending facilities backed primarily by auto loans and leases, credit cards, consumer loan receivables and student loans (Private and FFELP) in the Term and ABCP markets.  Kosta also has experience across a broad scope of esoteric assets including stranded utility costs, small business, and mobile phone backed loans.

Kosta holds a Bachelor of Administrative Studies degree from York University and is a Certified Public Accountant.