A Strategy of

Make The World A Fairer Place, Profitably

Integration of capital and social impact can help transform and solve some of the world’s most persistent socio-economic problems. We hold a deep conviction that financial markets can do more to fuel economic growth in underbanked communities while generating impact-rated returns. Our conviction leverages 3 realities:

  • Vast disparities in wealth and income between the top 1% and bottom 60%.
  • Huge amounts of capital seeking entry into social impact investments.
  • Deep technologies to enable precision in channeling equity and debt solutions to people and places where they’ll have the greatest impact.

Good impact investing focuses on technologies, equity and debt solutions that are likely to have a positive impact on the our economy, society, and the world’s ability to level the playing field.

We are Equivico. Equality and Victory for All.


ESG and impact investing exists to close the funding gap for small business, but isn’t deployed sufficiently or at scale.

Meet Equivico. We:

  • Focus expertise exclusively on economic integration
  • Stream high-volume responsible lending to small businesses, including but not limited to women, people of color, veteran owned businesses and those in low income areas
  • Leverage a partnership with the National Community Reinvestment Coalition’s 600 member organizations across the U.S.
  • Partner with institutional and individual investors, as well as national and community banks to offer innovative funds that deliver access to competitive returns with the required social impact
  • Bring an impeccable record of success in capital markets, economic development and small business lending
  • Perform rigorous due dilligence
  • Believe in a simple philosophy shared by our seasoned leadership team: Advance an inclusive economy. Deliver competitive returns.


Our funds deliver on our leadership team’s belief and experience that integration of capital and social impact is key to growth. They present the best risk-reward opportunities to reduce inequality, secure economic growth, and promote sustainability for generations to come.